The company Stova offers quality parking lot installation services. Parking lots are situated on the private land next to shopping malls, hotels, business centres, hospitals or other places with a big number of cars.


Depending on your preferences, the company staff will evaluate the situation and offer you cost-efficient parking lot installation solutions. There are various models of cooperation, such as land purchase, a monthly fee for land lease, partial parking lot installation, etc.


We have a lot of experience of using technical solutions for innovative parking installation systems in various parking lots – from on-street meters using solar energy to the most modern parking lot solutions when state license plates are scanned and the data are processed in your computers.


Upon your request, we can prepare a parking lot technical project and arrange its infrastructure (horizontal and vertical space marking, road signs and advertising, equipment and information system implementation, equipment assembly and connection).


We have 13-year experience in this area, therefore, we are able to effectively and efficiently maintain our objects and continuously improve and modernize their operation. Having installed the parking lot, we offer 24/7 technical maintenance and client service on working days and public holidays in the Lithuanian, English, and Russian languages.


We work with reliable and leading European companies offering car parking solutions.



Types of parking lots:​


On-street parking car parking spaces in city centres and parking lots without barriers.


Off-street parking car parking lots in a fenced area (outside and in multi-storey buildings) with barriers restricting traffic.


Innovative solutions for parking equipment – GREEN parking


It is social responsibility practice used in the activity of your company. Parking lots may be installed with solar batteries. It is an efficient way to reduce CO2 because 1kWh of solar power saves even 885g of this gas. Cars will be protected from sunrays and seasonal precipitation as well. We offer a possibility to use plant-generated electricity for electromobiles.  


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